TIF Training Videos

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Want to take a crash course in Tax Increment Financing? If so, watch these videos:

From WBEZ-FM Chicago Public Radio’s “Curious City” program:

This brief video was created by Rebecca Rojer.

Here are the videos financed by our crowdfunding campaigns. THANKS to the dozens of donors who made these videos possible! Please help keep our work going by contributing to our people-powered fundraising! No one else will tell you what we can tell you about TIFs!

#1 “TIF 101” (22 minutes)


Production Team

Ed Pitts (Production, editing) – Ed is the owner of Absolute Video Services. Absolute Video Services Inc., founded in 1984, does media production for business and non-profits. AVS can shoot, edit, duplicate, convert different formats to DVD and also create video for the web.

John Sheehan (Production, videography) – With over 30 years in commercial, documentary and independent video, John now has a YouTube channel that has racked up over 6.5 Million views and 3,000 subscribers. His video clips have been featured on HBO, Discovery, MSNBC, and VICE as well as social media sites like Raw Story, Boing Boing and Think Progress.

Tom Tresser (Producer, writer) – Tom is the co-founder of the CivicLab and the lead organizer for the TIF Illumination Project. In 2014 he was named a Purpose Prize Fellow by the Encore Foundation.

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