Finding Details On WaterSaver

In our master spread sheet of projects funded by TIFs in the 27th Ward we see two items:

  • 1140 N. North Branch Development LLC for $5,200,000
  • 1140 N. North Branch Development LLC for $3,000,000

What, exactly are these projects? A little Googling reveals an Economic Disclosure Affidavit for this firm applying for ZTIF funds and signed by one Steven A. Kersten with an address of 701 W. Erie Street and a web address of


Following that link takes you to the web site of WaterSaver.

We see the site bragging about it’s new building and now we know what the TIF money was used for.

WaterSaver_screenMr. Kersten is the President of the company.

The fact that WaterSaver has received TIF funds has been reported. It’s even on the city’s “TIF Success Stories” web site.
The city’s blurb mentions “the Goose Island and Riverwest TIF districts” which tells you very little about where they are located. You would have to find a map to locate them exactly – although the names are suggestive. The Skyline’s article  reports on the testimony of 27th Alderman Walter Burnett – which is the only indicator of which ward the project is located in.

There is simply no one place to look at all of this on a WARD-BY-WARD basis.

That’s why we need YOU to sign up as a TIF Illuminator and help us investigate the TIF projects in your community, one at a time. We need pictures, details, proof of work done and how many jobs were really created.


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