Behind the Scenes for Our Crowdfunding Campaigns

Thank you to the 80 people who contributed to our first campaign! We raised a total of $3,355 to produce “TIF 101“. Here are the people who wished to be publicly acknowledged.Video 1 donors-publicThank you to the 44 people who contributed to our second crowdfunding campaign to produce “TIFs Off the Rails“! Here are the people who are OK with a public acknowledgement.
TIFs Off the Rails donorsOur July 2015 campaign sought to raise $5,000 to fund our basic research for the near term. Thanks to all the 124 donors. Here are the generous souls who don’t mind being acknowledged.

July campaign visible donors

Here are some images from the production process.

Ed shooting Tom at Lab-web FinalCut Pro screen






We originally were going to call our second video “The TIF Hall of Shame” and had tricked up some scary graphics. We decided to re-work the theme. But listen to this nifty horror movie theme we were going to use for the opening credits against a video of a haunted house.

We shot the promo piece all over the city!

Sears Tower-web Mariano's-web Grossinger shoot-web

Shooting Ms. Brooks-web Sears Tower-web

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