TIF Town Meeting

  • 24th Ward Illuminated

    by - Nov 12, 2015
    It was TIF Illumination #45 at St. Agatha’s Church in Lawndale on November 11, 2015! We lit up the seven TIFs of the 24th Ward in front of 50 people. Our host was the Dream Builders...
  • 21st Ward Illuminated

    by - Nov 4, 2015
    It was a hot time in the 21st ward on November 3, 2015 when we did the 44th TIF town meeting for the 21st ward. We met at the Greater Walters AME Zion Church at 8400...
  • Mayor AND School Board President Are Illuminated!

    by - Oct 21, 2015
                      That’s Woodstock School District 200 Board President Camille Goodwin sitting next to Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager sitting in the back row of the TIF Illumination we did...
  • Illuminating TIFs in Woodstock

    by - Oct 4, 2015
    The TIF Illumination Project takes to the road! We’ll be Illuminating TIFs in Woodstock, Illinois on October 20.   Tweet
  • Tom Talks TIF To Young Turks

    by - Apr 14, 2015
    Chicago Young Turks met Sunday, April 12, 2015 at Connie’s Pizza and we talked TIFs. We lit up the Pilsen TIF – which we were in! Thanks to John Sheehan of the Catalyst Video Project for...
  • Help Us Produce “The TIF Hall of Shame”

    by - Mar 10, 2015
    OK – 80 donors contributed to our first crowdfunding campaign and we produced and uploaded the first of five TIF training videos, “TIF 101“! Now help us produce the second video, “The TIF Hall of Shame.”...
  • 17th Ward Illuminated

    by - Feb 12, 2015
    It was TIF town meeting #32 on Wednesday night, February 11, 2015 at the Way of Truth M.B. Church on 6458 S. California Avenue as we lit up the six TIFs of the 17th Ward. This...
  • 17th Ward Illumination Feb 11

    by - Feb 9, 2015
    RSVP via Facebook @ http://tinyurl.com/TIF-Illumination-17th-Ward. Tweet
  • 25th Ward Illuminated

    by - Jan 31, 2015
    We lit up the 11 TIFs of the 25th Ward at the Rudy Lozano Library on January 29, 2015 for the Pilsen Alliance. It was yet another spirited night of civic learning, civic indignation and civic...
  • 10th Ward Illuminated

    by - Jan 20, 2015
    The 28th TIF Illumination is in the books. It was a spirited crowd at Mann Park on the FAR south side on Tuesday night, January 20, 2015. Susan Garza, candidate for 10th ward alderman, sponsored the...