TIF Abuse

  • Chicago Reader Cites Work of TIF Project

    by - Aug 27, 2014
      Thanks to tireless TIF reporter Ben Joravsky of The Chicago Reader for this wonderful piece. He connects the dots from the supposed state of Chicago’s finances to the plight of our public...
  • Protests Continue In The 46th Ward

    by - Mar 5, 2014
    $14 million in public subsidies for a luxury high-rise across the street from Lincoln Park?  Would an elected official support stripping public funds from public education and public parks to build a private...
  • Tom Explains The CivicLab & The TIF Illumination Project

    by - Feb 17, 2014
    Check out this great video shot by the folks at the Progressive Democrats of America. It’s 28 minutes long and lays out what the CivicLab is all about and how The TIF Illumination...
  • Fighting TIFs

    by - Feb 2, 2014
    Fed up with the Chicago TIF scam? You can fight back. Here’s what the folks in the 46th Ward are doing to roll back the promised gift of millions of public dollars for...
  • TIF Extreme Logic – Public $ For PRIVATE Park

    by - Jan 8, 2014
    Join the fight in the 46th Ward to stop JDL Development from getting $14 million in public dollars for a luxury high rise across the street from Lincoln Park. This development includes a...
  • 46th Ward Forum Protests TIF Use

    by - Jan 8, 2014
    Angela Spinazze kicked off this town meeting January 3 to interrogate the proposed gift of $14 million to JDL Development for a luxury high rise across the street from Lincoln Park. Visit the...
  • Rules Committee Votes – Council Members Punt (Again)

    by - Dec 1, 2013
    On the TIF ordinance – O2013-5698 – The YAY votes on a motion to Discharge the ordinance from the Committee on Committees, Rules and Ethics were as follows: Alds. Moreno, Fioretti, Dowell, Hairston,...
  • Winners & Losers In The TIF Game

    by - Nov 27, 2013
    From the Chicago Reader, “Those who got, get more. And those who don’t got, get the shaft. All in the name of eradicating blight. Beale was absent for Wednesday’s showdown—so he didn’t cast...
  • Watch This Video

    by - Sep 26, 2013
    Watch this and then come to the public forum at DePaul on October 3 at 6:30pm! Tweet
  • This Is Why TIFs Hurt Us

    by - Aug 6, 2013
    At least ONE of the major reasons. Because the state’s contribution to public education is so shockingly low, school districts in Illinois rely heavily on local property taxes to fund their schools. So,...