TIF 101

  • County Releases 2013 TIF Data

    by - Jul 16, 2014
    Cook County Clerk David Orr leads the way in TIF data services! He released his summary of 2013 TIF data today. Chicago’s 151 TIF districts (3 were cancelled) extracted $422 million. 284 suburban TIFs extracted $261...
  • “TIF 101″ Returns To The CivicLab

    by - Jul 14, 2014
    By popular demand (OK, one person kept emailing us), “TIF 101” returns to the CivicLab on August 20 at 7pm. Online Ticketing for TIF 101 – All About Chicago’s Tax Increment Financing Program powered by Eventbrite...
  • Clerk Orr Unveils TIF Information On Tax Bills

    by - Jun 18, 2014
      From Cook County Clerk David Orr, June 19, 2014: Cook County property owners located in a tax increment financing district will now see how much of their tax bill is going into a TIF fund,...
  • 48th Ward To Be Illuminated June 18

    by - May 19, 2014
    Join us at Emanuel Congregation on Wednesday, June 18 at 7pm when we Illuminate the TIFs of the 48th ward. RSVP to this event via Facebook. You will learn: What is a TIF and how many...
  • Take Our Poll – What Should We Do With TIFs?

    by - Apr 26, 2014
    We’ve done dozens of town meetings or Illuminations. We’ve Illuminated 147 TIFs across 25 wards in front of over 2,000 people. Over 40 news stories have been written about our work. Now it’s time for YOU...
  • TIF Project Highlighted at Planning Conference

    by - Mar 31, 2014
    http://issuu.com/cmrenner/docs/cnu-conference-final-20140325 – Free download of presentations and material from 2013 conference on new ways of doing urban development. We did a piece on the TIF Illumination Project. Also great stuff on how Rockford is using creativity...
  • Tom Explains The CivicLab & The TIF Illumination Project

    by - Feb 17, 2014
    Check out this great video shot by the folks at the Progressive Democrats of America. It’s 28 minutes long and lays out what the CivicLab is all about and how The TIF Illumination Project works AND...
  • Help Us Spread The Word

    by - Feb 15, 2014
    Can you help us spread the word in your community about our TIF Illumination work? Please download this TIP flyer and make copies and distribute to your PTA, Local School Council, parent support group, block club,...
  • The TIF Illumination Project Is One Year Old!

    by - Feb 14, 2014
    We launched the TIF Illumination Project at the Chopin Theater one year ago! What a wild ride it’s been. Here is an account of the work we’ve done. Comments are welcome. Tweet...Read More
  • Fighting TIFs

    by - Feb 2, 2014
    Fed up with the Chicago TIF scam? You can fight back. Here’s what the folks in the 46th Ward are doing to roll back the promised gift of millions of public dollars for a luxury high-rise...