• Interview Reveals Tom’s Back Story

    by - Sep 8, 2014
    CivicLab co-founder Tom Tresser was interviewed for the master designer series of podcasts produced by the American Design and Master-Craft Initiative. The podcst is 47 minutes long. What does Tom have to do...
  • Why Journalism Needs Nerds

    by - Jul 9, 2014
    Thanks to Marc Smith of Connected Action for gathering the links and graphing them.  Tweet
  • CivicLab Profiled @ One Year

    by - Jun 28, 2014
    From Progress Illinois: “July marks one year since the CivicLab, a non-profit organization, opened its “democracy design studio” in the West Loop of Chicago. Looking ahead, one of the CivicLab’s co-founders says big plans are in the pipeline for year two...
  • Tom Presenting On Technology & Community Engagement 4/26

    by - Apr 22, 2013
    CivicLab co-founder Tom Tresser will be presenting at eChicago at UIC on Friday, April 26 on the TIF Illumination Project, as part of a panel on technology and community engagement. Tweet
  • CivicLab Will PechaKucha On March 5

    by - Feb 20, 2013
    Tom will be presenting at the 25th edition of PechaKucha Chicago at Martyr’s on March 5 at 8:00pm. What is PechaKucha? “PechaKucha 20×20 is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images,...
  • Calling All Coders

    by - Jan 7, 2013
    Calling all coders and web designers. help us conceptualize and build Apps For Activists at this MeetUp on Tuesday, January 15, 2013. Calling all technologists, coders and designers – let’s meet a few...
  • Technology & Democracy

    by - Jan 3, 2013
    Check out this TED talk by Clay Shirky on how peer-to-peer technology can open a new frontier of participatory democracy. It’s what the TIF Illumination Project and the CivicLab are all about! Tweet