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For three years the TIF Illumination Project operated on volunteer power.

We were called to 31 wards to Illuminate 141 TIFs in front of 4,400 people. We’ve done workshops, training sessions and talked to the media dozens of times. Nine candidates for alderman sponsored TIF town meetings and two candidates for mayor sought us out for counsel.

We have BIG plans for the TIF Illumination Project.We’re going need YOUR help to survive and thrive.

We want to continue and deepen our research for Chicago and Cook County. We want to expand our work to other communities in Illinois. We want to Illuminate entire school districts! We want to produce more TIF training videos. We’d like to print and distribute at least 5,000 copies of our ward maps and TIF summaries in EACH ward as we complete our investigation of that ward. We intend to meet with community groups and continue to share this information with them.

Sound ambitious? Sure, but it’s OUR money and if we don’t watch out how it’s used and abused, who will? Our work has made headlines from the day it went public but local and national foundations have refused to support this work. It’s up to US to keep the TIF Illumination Project alive!


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