Mayor AND School Board President Are Illuminated!

Board Pres+Mayor









That’s Woodstock School District 200 Board President Camille Goodwin sitting next to Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager sitting in the back row of the TIF Illumination we did at Woodstock on October 20!
Neither approached me or the meeting organizer Voters In Action. I wonder what they thought of the presentation…

Voters In Action

But I don’t have to wonder what the meeting’s organizer had to say.

“WOW, your presentation last night blew our collective minds! I thought I knew a thing or two about TIFs, but I never saw the concept so well organized and presented. As I looked across the crowd, I could see the light bulbs coming on over their heads. Perhaps that’s part of the illumination you speak of.

At Voters In Action, our mission is to inform, educate and activate the taxpayers. I could imagine no better use of our time and resources than your presentation. I wholeheartedly recommend it and you to any civic group interested in getting their heads and hands around TIFs and their implications.”


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