33rd Ward Illuminated

TIFs run amok It was warm and cozy at Brisku’s Bar in the 33rd Ward last night as we lit up the TIFs of the 33rd Ward. Hosted by aldermanic candidate Tim Meegan the TIF Illumination Project delivered its 27th town meeting!

TIF MonsterTim announced his desire to completely end the Tax Increment Financing Program and replace it with a citizen-power community development process. He invited all present to participate. It was a very spirited meeting!

Great presentation! Thank you and your team for the invaluable work in uncovering and bringing to the public this information. I learned a lot and am angrier than ever, but glad to know and taking that knowledge to the polls in February!” said Erin Farlow, one attendee.

Here is an edited version of the presentation. The full deck, including the particulars of the TIFs of the 33rd ward can be had in our TIF Data Store.

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