“TIF 101” Presentation Now Online

Want to take a crash course in Tax Increment Financing? If so, watch a 33 minute video that will introduce the topic and reveal the details of TIF in Chicago and the work of the TIF Illumination Project. The presenter is CivicLab co-founder, Tom Tresser, who is the Lead Organizer for the TIF research and presenter at TIF town meetings.

Watch this 2 1/2 minute promotional video that will explain what you will get on the full video.

The video is on this page.You will see two screens – the video with Tom laying out all the facts and a PowerPoint presentation with 55 action-packed slides that advances automatically.

It’s password protected and we’re asking a contribution of $5.00 to get the password. All our work is 100% volunteer driven but we’ve some bills to pay and plans to expand. You’re welcome to invest more in our work, of course! Please use this PayPal link to make your payment.

TIF 101 video+slide-screen

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