48th Ward To Be Illuminated June 18

48th_Ward_TIF_flierJoin us at Emanuel Congregation on Wednesday, June 18 at 7pm when we Illuminate the TIFs of the 48th ward. RSVP to this event via Facebook.

You will learn:

  • What is a TIF and how many of them are there in Chicago
  • How many TIFs are in the 48th ward
  • How much money those TIFs extracted from the ward
  • How much money FROM the ward was left in those TIF accounts at the end of the year
  • What projects in the ward received TIF funds
  • What is the most controversial TIF project in the ward – one where fraud is being alleged and perhaps covered up

We’ll have spiffy graphic posters showing all this information. Like this one we did for the 27th ward…

27th_Ward_graphic-topSponsored by the Social Justice Committee of Emanuel Congregation, the People Project, The Edgewater Presbyterian Church, ONE Northside and Northside Action and Justice.

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