Rules Committee Votes – Council Members Punt (Again)

Surplus_voteOn the TIF ordinance – O2013-5698 – The YAY votes on a motion to Discharge the ordinance from the Committee on Committees, Rules and Ethics were as follows: Alds. Moreno, Fioretti, Dowell, Hairston, Sawyer, Foulkes, Brookins, Waguespack, Sposato, Smith, Arena. The motion was defeated by a vote of 36 NAY to 11 YAY votes.

On the resolution re: Elected School Board – R2013-739 – A motion to Discharge from the Committee on Committees, Rules and Ethics was not acted upon.  A subsequent motion was made by Chairman Harris to put the resolution on the table. The NAY votes on the motion to table were as follows: Alds. Fioretti, Hairston, Sawyer, Holmes, Foulkes, Cochran, Munoz, Chandler, Ervin, Waguespack Sposato, Cullerton, Arena, Cappleman, Pawar. The motion to put the resolution on the table was supported by a vote of 32 YAY to 15 NAY votes.

Did YOUR Aldermen vote to keep these bills bottled up? Why can’t they receive a straight up or down vote on the council floor with full debate in the light of day?

Find your Alderman and their contact information here.

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