Are YOU In A TIF District? Get Illuminated!

TIF_Illumination-3Now you can get your own personal TIF Ilumination! For the absurdly low price of $25 we will tell you:

(1) If you are in a TIF District.

(2) If you are, then we will tell you the name of the TIF, when it was created, how much money it extracted in 2012, how much money was left in the TIF at the end of 2012, what major projects were funded by it, AND what percent of YOUR property tax bill was taken by that TIF.

(3) If you are NOT in a TIF we can either convert your fee to a non-deductible contribution, give you credit to an upcoming CivicLab workshop or refund the fee minus PayPal’s service fee. To avoid this option, simply look at your current property tax bill. If you see a name of a TIF district on there, then, buckeroo, you’re being TIF’d.

All funds we receive go to support the operation of the CivicLab, which is 100% volunteer operated. Once we receive notice of payment we’ll email you for your address. We’ll get you a report in 24 hours!

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