77 Neighborhood Schools Loose Library Staff But Chrter Schools Get More $$

From our friends at the Raise Your Hand Coalition:

In addition to the 67 (actually 68)  elementary schools that lost an art position and the 42 high schools that lost 86 English  positions, today we’re taking note of elementary and high schools that had to cut librarian positions.

Elementary schools:

Albany Park Multicultural,  Altgeld, Azuela, Belmont,  Bennett, Bright, Carroll, Carter, Carver, Casals, Chicago Academy, Cragin, Castellanos, Darwin, Decatur, Dodge, Edison, Fairfield, Field, Finkl, Fleming, Foster Park, Garvey, Gregory, Jenner, Hamline, Keller, Kinzie, Lawndale Community Academy, McNair,  Miles Davis, Mireles, Mitchell, Nettelhorst, O’Keefe, Robinson, Rogers, Skinner North, Stowe, Wacker, Washington, Whitney, Wildwood.  And these schools lost part of their library staff but will still retain some staffing:  Armstrong,  Barry, Goethe, Hedges,  J.Thorpe, De Dominguez,  Falconer.

High Schools:

Al Raby, Amundsen, Bowen, Clemente, Corliss, Farragut, Gage Park, Lane, Fenger, Fenger, Foreman, Harper, Hope College Prep, Hyde Park, Julian,Kelly, Kennedy, King, Lincoln Park High School,  North Grand, Orr, Robeson, Von Steuben, Washington,

While slashing traditional public schools, CPS did manage to increase funding to charters for FY2014  by $85 million. Some of this is due to new enrollment and some is due to the switch in per pupil budgeting. Also, CPS put out an RFP for new charters yesterday. Priority areas are  Albany Irving, Ashburn. Logan Square (high school), Pilsen-Little Village, Midway, Sauganash,


Given that CPS has cut funding to traditional high schools by 14% (Catalyst reported) perhaps next year’s “space utilization crisis” will be seen in high schools after they are further defunded and destabilized.  Catalyst also noted that charters got an overall increase of 12% with an enrollment increase of 10% while neighborhood elementary schools got an overall decrease of 3% with an enrollment increase of 4%. Traditional high schools show a projected enrollment decline of 2%.

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