DePaul Seeks $300 Million

Here’s a report from a DePaul graduate:

Last night I received a call from DePaul, as an alumnus, asking for help in raising $300M for the school’s comprehensive fundraising campaign – $100M of which would go towards the ‘Many Dreams, One Mission’ supporting new college scholarships. I’m all for supporting the idea of assisting with college costs – especially for those in real need – I said, but I have a hard time justifying giving DePaul any donation towards this goal when they are potentially taking a $55M TIF grant for a stadium which essentially comes from tax revenue taken from elementary and high schools. If DePaul can raise $300M for their program they most certainly can raise $55M for their stadium – I can’t believe they had the gall to even ask. After an awkward chuckle the guy said that, yeah, it was messed up. He thanked me and hung up. – Jeff KarovaDePaul-Championship_Greed
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