Wait, Does This Have Anything To Do With Dick Mell?

So we are seeing a lot about the Bus Rapid Transit project being pushed aggressively by the city and an impressive list of policy, planning and transit organizations. But wait, who is going to PAY for this new public service, using our streets, the full power and authority of the CTA and the federal government?

Check out this answer from their FAQ page:

BRT-FAQ+imagesThere we see, in those three little words, “public-private partnership” the REAL impetus behind this project. This looks like it comes under the authority of the Chicago Infrastructure Trust. And we’re protected against any Parking Meter Scams, right? Well, it IS the same City Council, more or less, that GAVE us that rip-off that is STILL in place. And a recent attempt to make privatization efforts more transparent and deliberate is being thwarted by City Hall powerhouse Alderman Dick Mell.

Not only that, but it looks like TIFs are on the table, as well – that’s what “value capture mechanism” means. Oh boy – rolling out bus rapid transit not only gives the city the chance to grant another monopoly contract to a private company for decades so they extract no-risk profits from us BUT also they could TIF the entire route along 16 miles of Ashland Avenue. Maybe we’re going to need “Taxpayers Screwed” signs erected along this route?

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