Coverage Of 46th Ward Illumination

Tom-46th_Ward_forum-Fortino It seems the only media outlet in Chicago interested in the TIF Illumination Project and the viral spread of neighbor-powered TIF town meetings is Progress Illinois.

Here is their coverage of the April 11 TIF Illumination of the six TIFs inside the 46th ward we did at the Peoples Church –

We had 40 people on a rainy night talking TIFs. We’re just scratching the surface here. Why more people aren’t interested in how their $57 million has been spent, I’ll never know. That’s how much the two TIFs which completely in the 46th ward have extracted from the property owners there since 2001.

Another relevant fact we revealed was that the good citizens of the 46th ward had $26.5 MILLION of their property taxes sitting in the TIF accounts at the end of 2011. What would YOU do with almost $27 million to improve life in your community?
Here is a part of the graphic poster (designed by the brilliant Carlyn So) we distributed at the event. Too bad you weren’t there or you’d have a copy of your very own. You can view the presentation deck with 52 minutes of audio here.

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