JDL Development To Get $32 Million In Public Funds – Huh?

JDL_development Does this area look blighted to you? Across the street from Lincoln Park? Really? This image is an early rendering of a luxury residence with shops and parking proposed for the former site of the Maryville Academy by JDL Development.

As reported in DNAinfo Chicago, the Montrose/Clarendon TIF district would be drained of $32 million.

What about using those property taxes for the care and upkeep of the community? Why does JDL, an immensely profitable and connected company, need the taxpayers money to complete a $220 million development described by the article as “a luxury living complex bu the lake”?

If you’d like some answers, maybe it’s time to hold a TIF Town Meeting and bring in the TIF Illumination Project to shed some light on the matter. Email [email protected] if you’d like to get the ball rolling.








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