Franklin Park

Our first TIF Illumination for TIFs outside the city of Chicago is being conducted for the ten TIFs inside the Village of Franklin Park. Our research partner for this Illumination is Open Local Illinois.


Here is their first report:

We began by conducting a thorough review of the Village of Franklin Park website, to discover if it contained any TIF information or documents. Unfortunately, upon initial inspection, no information regarding TIF districts was found. We then contacted the Franklin Park Community Development Department and spoke with Eric Richard the Assistant Village Planner. He indicated that there are 10 TIF districts in Franklin Park, this confirms the records that were pulled from the Cook County Clerk’s website.

We thought it was quite possible we had overlooked TIF information on the Village website, so we asked Eric if the Village website contained any TIF information or documents. He stated the website did not contain any TIF information at this time, and it is not something they have explored yet.
Eric was very helpful and is more than willing to provide us with information on the TIF districts. He also took the time to send us a map of the current TIF districts in Franklin Park, that you may find at the top of this page.
We will continue to be in touch with Eric to obtain further information on the Village TIF districts, and will be providing that information in future postings to the TIF Illumination Project.
– Open Local Illinois Staff
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