Hyatt Hotel TIF Protest

According to the Chicago Tribune, “Several hundred protesters marched along Michigan Avenue Monday morning to voice opposition to the school closings plan being put together by Chicago Public Schools. Organized by the Chicago Teachers Union and Stand Up Chicago, a coalition of labor unions and community groups, marchers walked from Cityfront Plaza on East Illinois Street to the Hyatt Hotel at 633 N. St. Clair Street, banging drums, blowing whistles and then crowding into the lobby of the hotel where they called on Chicago Board of Education member Penny Pritzker to give back $5.5 million in TIF funding. The CTU and school closing opponents allege that Pritzker, who sits on the board of the Hyatt Hotels Corp., has taken TIF development funds for  a new hotel in Hyde Park.”

Ouch. You can read the Hyatt Hotel Development Agreement here – (27 pages, PDF) – Harper_Court-Hyatt_CDC.

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