Tom to Teach “Intro to Community Organizing” @ Learnapalooza

Learnapalooza is a free learning extravaganza where over 100 classes and workshops will be offered in the Wicker Park area on Saturday, June 25.

I’ll be offering two 45 minute sessions…

Chicago is the home of modern community organizing. It’s happening here and all over the world – witness the uprisings in The Middle East. But what – exactly – is community organizing?  This is an introduction to this calling and cause. “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will” said Frederick Douglass.

The presenter is Tom Tresser, one of the organizers of No Games Chicago. There will be two 45 minute sessions at the Wicker Park Arts Center, 2219 W. North Avenue. Register for the 12:30pm session here and for the 1:45pm session here.

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