Reporter “Demands” State Subsidy – We’re With Him!

John McCarron used to be the financial editor of  The Chicago Tribune and he was also the VP of planning and communications for The Metropolitan Planning Council. He knows a thin or two about local government finance. In an op-ed piece for The Tribune on May 17, 2011 he respectfully petitions Governor Quinn for cash and tax subsidies for his family. If he doesn’t get wants he threatens to bolt the state and take his family with him. Brilliant!

“Dear Gov. Quinn and Illinois legislators,

Due to the rising cost of operations, especially taxes here in Illinois, The McCarron Family (Nasdaq: McFAM) is reviewing its options and considering relocation to another state or states. We submit herewith a list of incentives we will require if McFAM is to maintain its headquarters in Illinois. You will note that our package is very much in keeping with incentives recently sought by, or granted to, other Illinois enterprises, especially large corporations that, like us, are faced with the challenge of staying competitive in the new, global economy.” Read the letter

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